Danish Disabled Artists Launch New Christmas Card Collection

The Mund-og Fodmalende Kunstnere, launches the new Danish 2012 Christmas card collection especially created by members of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (AMFPA). The new set of Christmas cards includes reproductions of original paintings by member artists in Denmark and from other countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Malta and South Korea.

The pack which is due to be available to consumers in November will contain six beautiful cards depicting charming Christmas and winter themes.  In addition there will be a sheet of four gift tags and a pocket 2013 calendar in each pack.  Also available on request is a handsome 2013 desk calendar.

Danish artists, Ann Lund and Ruth Christensen have their paintings included in the selection. Ruth’s card entitled “Engle pynter juletræ” is a bright painting based on a traditional theme with strong blues, greens, whites and golds.  Ann’s card is entitled “Englepiger ved juletræ” and shows off her distinctive abstract style including her signature child angels.

Just as the Danish Christmas card packs include work by other international artists, so images from Danish artists are also used in other country Christmas card packs produced by the organisation. Ruth’s paintings also appear in packs being mailed in 11 countries including northern and southern Europe, Brazil and Canada.  For instance, Ruth’s “Little Angels” painting is included in the UK Christmas card pack and her “On the Beach” painting is the month of July in the UK 2013 calendar. Ann’s images also appear in packs for the Nordics, Germany and Austria.

Randi Viereck, Danish manager of Mund-og Fodmalende Kunstneres (MFK) part of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (AMFPA says:  “Our Danish artists both contribute and benefit from the organisations activities across the world and all member artists of the AMFPA benefit from the satisfaction of earning their own living and the independence it brings. The income is derived from the sale of their works reproduced as greeting cards, calendars and other merchandise.”

The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists is a wholly owned, international self-help organisation of seriously disabled artists who take pride in earning their own living by painting with a paint brush held in their mouth or between their toes. A panel of senior AMFPA artists select from the collection of painted images created by Danish artists and their fellow artists from around the world. These chosen images are then reproduced and sold to the general public as cards and calendars, benefitting the AMFPA’s more than 802 artists in over 76 countries worldwide.

Press Contact:

Randi Viereck
Email: mail@mfk.dk
Phone: +45 46354975