Discover the business benefits from performance monitoring of VoIP

NEWCASTLE, UK – (10-12-12) – The business benefits from Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) can be huge, if monitored properly. Network Engineers need a holistic overview of the entire network so that any problems or faults can be dealt with without undue loss of service or quality for users.

The Visual Performance Manager (VPM) by Fluke Networks gives Network Engineers the tools needed to monitor the quality and reliability of VoIP by giving a complete view of the entire network.

VPM uses a graphical interface to deliver a real-time picture of what is happening at every point. Network Engineers can manage the performance of the network, overcome bottlenecks, anticipate problems due to high usage, or locate faults precisely so that they can be solved before user quality is impaired.

As part of VPM, Network Engineers can deal with multiple applications and deployment requirements in a simple and swift way. They can also deliver enterprise performance metrics, validate the performance of critical applications, optimise enterprise-wide resources and verify organisational effectiveness, and measure competitive advantages.

Furthermore, Fluke Networks has released a new free whitepaper, What is the Real Value of Managing Performance?, whereby the network and business benefits from VoIP are outlined. This whitepaper can be downloaded here.

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