Gilroy launch marketing report to help B2B organisations secure greater ROI from Social Media

Tweet this, like that. Follow, feeds, friends – everyone’s talking social these days, but to many organisations it can be difficult to maximise its ROI. Gilroy the home of great B2B marketing launches a free marketing report today to help organisations get the most out of social media.

The rise of social media has been staggering. There are currently over 200 social networking sites, more if you include social sharing apps such as Instagram. It’s not hard to see the appetite for social – the numbers speak for themselves. There are now over 552 million daily active users on Facebook and 200 countries are now covered by LinkedIn. Twitter supports 20 languages and over 55 million blogs use WordPress. Oh, and Facebook recently bought Instagram for $1 billion.

If you’re a B2B organisation it’s easy to believe that there is opportunity in social networks, it’s just not that clear to know how to access it or whether to even bother.

The free marketing report offers not just advice regarding which social media techniques and channels to embrace, but also dispels some myths. It provides key steps organisations can take to define, plan, action, launch and then secure a following.

Discussing the launch of the report, Matt Neal, Managing Director at Gilroy said: “Social is becoming an integral part of people’s lives. Why? Because deep down most people like to tell people about themselves, say what they think or see what others are up to. Social networks represent a clear way of engagement with your target audience. If you get it right, the returns can be significant.”

“Using the social media channels that best meet the needs of your business can amplify existing marketing and sales channels. If you follow some clear and simple guidelines most companies can generate significant returns on their investment in social. So ask yourself why wouldn’t you be involved?” concluded Neal.

To download the free guide and to find out how social media could help you, click here:

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