Big Data: Discover end-to-end data solutions with new report

Big Data: Discover end-to-end data solutions with new reportA new report which unlocks the end-to-end data solutions for Big Data has recently been released by Computacenter, Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services.

For over 30 years, Computacenter has been offering end-to-end data solutions to help its customers realise the potential of data and driving the transformation to effective, efficient business. The company specialises in optimising data assets and processes to control costs, increase agility, and safeguard business continuity and compliance.

Computacenter sees Big Data as a business opportunity, rather than another IT challenge. By working with its customers, the IT infrastructure services provider can open up access to data, lighten up the storage load, tidy up the data sprawl, tighten up data security and tune up data value; turning data into an asset, regardless of size.

Also, with exponential growth set to continue for the foreseeable future, organisations need to ensure they have the IT solutions and strategies to manage Big Data.

Furthermore, the IDC states that over a quarter of European IT and business managers are currently accelerating current analytics activities by using Big Data technologies – 18% of European business and IT managers are already looking at creating new products and services based on the opportunities that are opened up through the deployment of Big Data technologies.

With Computacenter, data will be more structured, more accessible and more secure; storage systems will be more affordable, reliable and scalable. For business, this will mean lower costs and greater efficiency and agility.

Computacenter’s new report unlocking end-to-end data solutions for Big Data, can be viewed here.

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