New Recruitment Website for the Petroleum Industry in Norway launched

New Recruitment Website for the Petroleum Industry in Norway launchedA new website specialising in recruitment within the Petroleum Industry in Norway has recently been launched by, a subsidiary of Teknisk Ukeblad, Norway’s leading technology and business magazine – this new website allows Brazilians to apply for various online job ads in Norway.

Operated by two entrepreneurs Rune Johansson and Fredrik Bjerknes, the website specialises in recruitment across Norway, and was created to help aid companies find suitable workers, as well as find specialist labourers work within the oil sector.

The aim of is to reduce the number of unemployed persons across the world, including Brazilians, by helping them to find work abroad.

Furthermore, the website allows companies seeking new employees to advertise their vacancies online at a fixed rate. Employers are able to provide details of their vacancies and candidates are able to apply by creating profiles and CVs online. After the application process, the employer can review the candidates’ profiles and choose who is best suited for the interview stage. Thus, the recruitment process becomes faster, efficient, and more economically beneficial for companies that recruit online than for those using traditional methods.

If you are seeking employment in Norway and want to work in the oil industry, you can start applying today through