Endorsements for Icelandic individuals and associations set up by Valitor

Endorsements for Icelandic individuals and associations set up by Valitor  Endorsements for promising individuals, associations, and institutions are being set up by Valitor in order to help promote cultural and social activities in Iceland.

Valitor Trust is a trust-funding scheme awarded twice a year following a selection process from an ever-growing pool of applicants representing cultural, humanitarian, and social activities. Since 1993, some 145 grants have been distributed totalling over €1,100,000.

Recipients of Valitor Trust include promising students of the fine arts, young athletes, choirs, theatre groups, museums, outdoor groups, healthcare associations, and libraries.

Some of Valitor Trust’s recipients include the Cerebral Palsy Association of Iceland; Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue; Icelandic Association for the Deaf; the Salvation Army; the Icelandic Emigration Centre; the MS Society of Iceland; Balthazar Kormákur, actor and director; Daníel Bjarnason, composer; and 135 other recipients.

Valitor has proudly been contributing Iceland to society for over 20 years, and aims to continue making a difference to a wider European community for the next 20 years.


From left to right, Bjork Thorarinsdottir, Valitor Chairman; Paul-William Marti, Salvation Army; Sigridur Bjornsdottir, Straight Forward; Hildur S. Magnusdottir; Kristin R. Kristjansdottir; Arni Kristinsson on behalf of Arna F. Gunnarssonar; Matthildur A. Gisladottir; Sigurdur M. Atlason; Sara R. Jakobsdottir; and Vidar Thorklesson, Valitor CEO.

To learn more about Valitor Trust, visit www.valitor.com.