Wireless security can open many opportunities states new white paper

Wireless security can open many opportunities states new white paperAccording to a new white paper released by Vodafone M2M, wireless security can open many opportunities for the security industry, such as reducing cost, simplifying installation, and extending coverage.

Vodafone M2M knows that cutting the cost of security will increase coverage inside and outside the perimeter. The company’s extensive support for global deployment & support includes real-time, transaction-based & policy management; management of devices; monitoring, configuration & provisioning/activation; tailored pricing plans for connectivity; and usage, quality & SLA .

Vodafone has the largest dedicated M2M team globally, strategic partnerships with leading device and software companies, and is viewed as the no.1 M2M market leader by analysts:

  • “Vodafone ranked number one worldwide for M2M overall excellence.” – Analysys Mason, M2M CSP
  • “Vodafone is leading the M2M Market with 23% market share in Europe.” – Beecham Research 2011
  • “Vodafone takes top spot in Machina Research’s 2012 M2M CSP Benchmarking Study”

For further details regarding Vodafone M2M’s global wireless security solutions, or how its portfolio of wireless communications can support your business, download Vodafone’s new white paper .

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