Mobile Health webinar to explore adoption barriers announced by Vodafone

Mobile Health webinar to explore adoption barriers announced by VodafonemHealth (Mobile Health) has gained more and more momentum but adoption barriers remain prevalent and particularly when scaling mobile healthcare projects across borders, regulation imposes complexities.

On 5th February 2013, Vodafone Global Enterprise will hold its first live Health Debate webinar in order to discuss these issues and explore the barriers to mHealth within the regulatory environment.

The Health Debate series is part of Vodafone’s continuing commitment to thought leadership in healthcare. It brings together senior pharma, public and private health stakeholders to learn, share and debate on issues and new thinking brought forward by renowned thought leaders and industry experts.

The webinar follows the launch of Vodafone’s third instalment of insight guides in the mHealth adoption barrier series, a report that evaluates data privacy, security, and regulation.

The Insights Guide will be used as a starting point for the Health Debate session which includes a debate with an expert panel and a live audience discussion. Reflecting on best practices from around the world, topics discussed in the webinar include:

  • How to protect patient privacy in a mobile world?
  • User consent: what is the best way to agree?
  • mHealth security – high risk, low awareness?
  • mHealth and regulation – when is a device medical?

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