Sherwood Systems Named as an Approved Cloud Partner with myERPcloud

Sherwood Systems, a Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM company has been named as an approved Cloud Implementation Partner with myERPcloud for the Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada regions. This appointment is a direct result of Sherwood’s long-standing success as a Microsoft Dynamics partner with an understanding and ability to deliver “cloud” based ERP and CRM solutions in a cost effective and timely manner.

myERPcloud has sought out high-performing Microsoft Dynamics partners to represent 48 different regions in the U.S. who will specifically work with new trial users and customers looking for cost effective, fast and simple to deploy cloud based Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP. The site is dedicated to offering visitors the ability to trial (on-demand) three of Microsoft’s ERP solutions including out of the box integrations to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Trials are free and are available for 30 days to help customers determine how Microsoft Dynamics solutions can meet their growing business needs. In addition, myERPcloud has a robust marketplace and blog site to help align trial users to learn more about integrated cloud solutions and to help them find a partner with specific software and industry expertise. It is the only site available in the Microsoft Dynamics community to combine free trials, a marketplace, a partner locater, and rich extensive blog content regarding cloud ERP solutions.

“myERPcloud is proud to have Sherwood Systems representing the Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada regions due to its outstanding cloud implementation services surrounding the Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Computing product(s),” said Linda Rose, Chief Cloudster, myERPcloud. “Our selection of Sherwood Systems is due to their commitment to the “cloud” and deployment of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions over their 20+ year history. Sherwood Systems plays a very important role in the growth and success of cloud ERP solutions.”


Sherwood Systems is dedicated to helping customers find the best solutions and services to accommodate their business needs and further their success, while excelling in customer satisfaction. By collaborating with the teams at myERPcloud, Sherwood Systems maintains a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft Dynamics cloud ERP deployment solutions and provides innovative solutions, services and unparalleled value to its customers while understanding the needs of cloud customers.

Sherwood provides implementation, training and consultation in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada for small, midsize and corporate businesses using business enterprise applications. Sherwood Systems specializes in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to develop and deploy solutions that help leading global companies across industries, including Distribution, Healthcare, and Not-for-Profit get to market faster and achieve continued success.

Ed Bonaski, Director of Sales at Sherwood Systems states; “As an ERP sales person for over 20 years, I’ve seen many changes with buyer habits and I’m always striving to impart knowledge to help with the decision process. With myERPcloud, you can sign up on your own to take a test drive and, depending on your industry, also see firsthand how a 3rd party product adds additional functionality to the core product. I’m very excited to be a part of this exclusive approach to product research.”

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