RecycleInMe Ramps up Big Time with Introduction of New Markets for Prices on Plastic & Metal Scrap

As a part of its ramp up plan, RecycleInMe has now introduced plastic scrap prices currently running in the Gujarat market to its subscribed users. Updates on a wide variety of plastic scrap including PET bottles, PET flakes, HDPE scrap, HDPE granules, etc. can be sought via email on a daily basis.

Registered users can choose to receive price updates on a maximum of 15 items including LLDPE, PP Copolymer, PP Homopolymer, PVC, etc. besides the prices of the items mentioned above. These users also have access to the latest US metal prices for scrap items of aluminum, copper, lead, etc.

Prices are updated every day at 10.30am IST along with international scrap metal prices, Shanghai spot prices, UAE scrap prices, West Indian scrap prices, East Indian scrap prices, North Indian scrap prices, South Indian scrap prices, South Indian plastic prices, etc. Besides plastic and metal, international and domestic prices of rubber, resin and oil (crude and barrel) shall also be shared with registered users.

“While a casual visitor to the site can view the general rates, only a subscribed user shall have access to the CURRENT rates. All of these details are comprehensive,” says a spokesperson at RIM. Thus, rates are inclusive of details about tax inclusion/exclusion, buying/selling prices, yard/market prices, FoB/CIF payment prices, etc.

As for the authenticity of these rates- “all prices are obtained from genuine sources including official data, ports, agents, steel mills, exporters/importers, plastic/rubber/oil boards, etc,” says the spokesperson.

About RIM: RecycleInMe has more than a decade of experience in the scrap industry and has close to 15,000 subscribing members in over 192 countries across the world. The online portal helps scrap dealers, and other manufacturers by providing data on the latest scrap prices besides connecting them with buyers. Members include leading exporters, steel mills, corporate and government agencies, traders, buyers, and suppliers of metals, rubber, plastic and oil.

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