Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mihye Choi, Explains Benefits of Sientra® Breast Implants

Cohesive silicone gel or “gummy bear” breast implants have been available in Europe for well over a decade. Recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this cutting-edge option is changing the way women think about breast augmentation and reconstruction surgery. Well-known New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Mihye Choi, took a moment to explain this recent shift and detailed a few of the most important patient-side benefits.

“Traditionally, breast implants fell within one of two categories: silicone and saline-filled,” explains Dr. Choi. “While these can certainly achieve a fantastic cosmetic result, Sientra’s new portfolio of Silimed® breast implants presents women with an important new alternative.” Composed of “cohesive silicone gel,” the product is colloquially referred to as “gummy bear implants.”

“Sientra’s implants are nicknamed ‘gummy bear implants’ for a few reasons,” explains Dr. Choi. “Much like gummy bears, cohesive silicone gel implants are known for their resiliency and their ability to hold their shape.” These characteristics, Dr. Choi explains, offer some important patient-side benefits.

“Women today are exploring Sientra implants for a few reasons. First and foremost, cohesive silicone gel implants have a remarkable ability to maintain their shape over time,” explains Dr. Choi. “Furthermore, there is less of a likelihood of leakage, as the implants are predominantly solid.”

Asked to speak on the future of “gummy bear” implants, Dr. Choi concluded with this: “When it comes to breast enhancement and reconstruction, more and more of our patients are choosing Sientra implants and loving their results. We are confident that this new alternative will grow even more popular, as our patients share their success stories with friends and relatives.”

Dr. Choi offers breast augmentation and reconstruction consultations in New York City. Interested parties are encouraged to schedule an appointment at (212) 355-5779.

About Dr. Choi

Dr. Mihye Choi, a board certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan, is highly respected and well-known. Her practice focuses on face, breast and body plastic surgery, and she has been featured in numerous publications.

Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Choi graduated from the University of Rochester School of Medicine in 1987. She completed her general surgery training at Harvard Beth Israel Hospital. This was followed with plastic surgery residency at Mount Sinai Hospital, a research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and a hand surgery fellowship at NYU Medical Center.

Dr. Choi joined the Faculty at the Institute of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery at New York University School of Medicine in 1998. Last year, with Dr. Nolan Karp, she was the Co-Program Director of the NYU sponsored meeting, “Breast Reconstruction: State of the Art.”

At their newly constructed office in midtown Manhattan, Dr. Choi practices at KCNY Plastic Surgery with Dr. Nolan Karp. KCNY can be reached at (212) 355-5779 or