Habit Doc Provides an “Almost-Do-It-Your-self-guided” Approach to Control Drinking & other Habits

Dr. Marc F. Kern, a Beverly Hills clinical psychologist and addictive behaviors specialist, has combined the most current cutting-edge technology including state-of-the-art Computer-based tools, together with modern Science-based, methods of Self-Control – Philosophical, Psychological & Practical, Incremental Change.

“Almost-Do-It-Your-Self-Guided” is a collaborative, inexpensive, confidential, and convenient Professional Psychological Service that helps you accomplish your habit change goals and build trust in your relationship.

Via this approach, one need not to go into a rehab, but instead just visit Dr. Marc F. Kern at his LA office, or contact him from the comfort of your home by phone or online.

Get confidential answers for all kinds of personal questions about lifestyle changes. Dr. Kern has over 30 years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice with a proven record of clients’ success. Using Talk Therapy for treating patients with self-sabotaging problem habits, including alcohol abuse, street drugs, prescription drugs, smoking, gambling, pornography, over-eating, and other excessive behaviors.

“Over 23 million Americans are addicted to alcohol and other drugs,” stated a well-respected authority recently, also a board-certified Adult & Family Nurse Practitioner, in addition to being a certified Diabetes Educator and Clinical Specialist in mental health.

Habit Doc educates you on how to stop or reduce an addiction, how to change your habits and how to stay stopped. Habit Doc is completely private and self-paced, while understanding the needed achievement tor you to take more control of your life in the quickest way.

Habit Doc

Habit Doc provides people the soothing and safe assistance to overcome drug and other addictions with the help of Dr. Marc F. Kern. A nationally recognized expert, Dr. Kern, is known for his compassion, humor and deep personal understanding of the addictive process. For further details, visit http://habitdoc.com/