Kadeco names Iceland as ideal carbon fiber manufacturing location

Kadeco names Iceland as ideal carbon fiber manufacturing location Kadeco, a leading business development company, has named the Asbru Enterprise Park in Iceland as the ideal carbon fiber manufacturing location.

Iceland has big advantages as a location for carbon fiber manufacturing due to the country’s local geothermal renewable energy sources providing a lowered cost of production, as well as a stable grid connection and reliable delivery rates.

In contrast from the U.S., Iceland can make long-term energy contracts offering a much-needed stability in production costs.

Industrial lots are available at Asbru, which have the possibility for convertion for the production of carbon fiber manufacturing. The local facilities already built at the park give manufacturers the possibility to start production on a smaller scale.

Moreover, Asbru is perfectly situated within the area of Iceland’s main international airport and its international harbour.

Keilir, an educational institution located at Asbru, offers two multidisciplinary B.Sc. programs in co-operation with the University of Iceland; green energy technology, and mechatronics – these institutions provide opportunities regarding future Labour.

To learn more about Asbru Enterprise Park and carbon fiber manufacturing in Iceland, visit http://www.asbru.is/english/kadeco/.