Hotel Meta Search: A new Chapter in the South East Asian Travel Industry

Enthusiastic travelers looking for exciting deals on hotels that suit their budget and requirements can now log on to, a Malaysia based travel meta-search engine dedicated to hotels. The site’s major target includes those looking to travel to and from Southeast Asia, and those within the region. As of now, has around 250 000 hotels in its database, spanning over 180 countries worldwide, making the largest collection of hotels in Malaysia.

The project was initiated by Malaysia’s Faeez Fadhlillah and Austria’s Juergen Gallistl to help those looking for cheap hotel deals in the region. A great advantage of the website is that travelers no longer need to compare prices manually anymore with all information available in a single window with a single click, saving countless hours. Furthermore travellers are sure to get the best bargain on hotel prices.

“Our search engine will crawl through the database of a large number of hotel websites and travel online travel agencies to compile a list of hotels that are sorted according to the place and date chosen by the user to display search results,” adds Faeez.

A unique feature specific to the site is the introduction of a halal rating for hotels, called HalalStars. “More than 240 million people in Southeast Asian countries are practicing Muslims. HalalStars is a concept that’s entirely new to this domain,” says Faeez Fadhlillah. Thus, Muslim travelers shall be able to evaluate amenities that are designed to cater to their religious needs. The HalalsStar concept is sure to be a saving grace among the Muslim travel community, which constitutes 40% of the Southeast Asian population. is the biggest tourism related ICT project of Malaysia for the past years and shall become one of the most trusted and successful websites for travel in Southeast Asia.

About is a hotel meta-search engine that allows users to compare hotels with a multitude of information available. A database of more than 250,000 hotels from over 180 countries forms the biggest collection of hotels in Malaysia. The initiate comes from two young professionals in Malaysia, who are great supporters and ardent believers of the Malaysia Boleh Movement. This movement is an initiative to encourage Malaysians to believe in their abilities and that anything is possible.

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