Identity Theft To Be Reduced By Data Killers By Offering Hard Drive Destruction Service

Data Killers, the leading destructor of classified materials, hosts on-site and off-site hard drive data destruction service. They are lending a hand to possible victims of identity theft, which is an emerging threat today. The company is a division of independent recycling company Turtle Wings, Inc. and certified with R2, ISO 14001:2004, WBENC, HUBZone, MD MBE/DBE and DLIS certifications.

“We offer on-site hard drive destruction at any location nationwide and off-site hard drive shredding at our secure facilities. Our mobile service for shredding a hard drive is ideal for shredding and/or degaussing large quantities of media. Our fully equipped and automated vehicles can pull-up to any building or loading dock and destroy hard drives”, commented the spokesperson of Data Killers.

He also added that, “We started the company to meet customer’s demands to shred hard drives that contained sensitive information about their business and services”.

Shredding the media data and files is essential to remove business information in a confidential way. Sensitive data of a corporation is prone to theft. It can be prevented by shredding the data hardware with hi-quality machines and equipments. Data Killers destructs hard drives, copier hard drives, tapes, smart phones, memory chips and sticks, JAZ and ZIP discs, CDs, DVDs, cell phones, PDA’s, equipments, badges, IDs and X-rays, military gears and other similar products and items.

Along with shredding and destruction services, Data Killers issues signed and dated certificates of destruction at the conclusion of each project. The certificates of destruction lucidly state what was destroyed, how and when it was destroyed and why they are certified to destroy.

“We completely destroy hard drives, with standardized policies and procedures guaranteeing destruction in excess of mandatory legal guidelines. We hold the federal government contract for certified destruction and witnessed incineration. We are certified by the Defense Logistics Information Services to store and transport military critical information” said another spokesperson of Data Killers. Customers feel confident in the services this company provides.

About Data Killers

Data Killers are the efficient and prominent shredding company providing secure hard drive destruction and computer recycling. Their goal is to keep businesses and individuals safe from identity theft. For more information about certified data destruction, log on to