Embedding Computer Vision in Electronic Devices

Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, has published an informative Technical View article entitled “Embedding Computer Vision in Electronics Devices: How New Hardware and Software Choices Have Changed the Designer’s Approach.”

Featured in the February issue of FTM (Future Technology Magazine), and written by Richard Parker, a Future Advanced Engineer for High-End Products at Future Electronics, the article discusses new design possibilities given today’s available technology including CV220x devices, and provides a comprehensive overview of main image-processing functions, covering topics such as pre-processing, binary morphology, image-transform filters, feature detection, face detection and more.

The author provides helpful information about new hardware and software choices such as CogniVue processors, the OpenCV library, and i.MX53 processors, which are opening up more options for embedded developers, and how these latest technologies can be used to improve designs. Parker says, “It is now possible to implement computer vision more quickly and more easily than ever within tight power, cost and size restraints.”

The full article can be read at: Page 22 ~23 of FTM February 2013.

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