Cresset expands their Academic Access program

Cresset, innovative provider of chemistry software and services, expands their Academic Access program, offering free software bursaries for all PhD and postdoc students and low cost licenses for all other academic researchers.

Cresset’s leading chemistry software sparkV10, torchV10, forgeV10 and blazeV10 enables researchers to design and discover the best new active molecules for life science research.

Dr Robert Scoffin, CEO of Cresset, says, “We believe our software offers unparalleled insight into the way that molecules interact on a biological basis. Making it available for academic research and teaching and low or no cost will bring great benefit to students and research groups alike. We continually see our field based tools transform the understanding of molecular interactions and we are proud to be sharing this with the academic community.”

Dr Simon Cocklin, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Drexel University College of Medicine has been using Cresset’s software for his research. He says, “We have had interesting and exciting results from blazeV10, torchV10 and sparkV10 experiments which have led to us designing a novel entry inhibitor for HIV-1 with a new scaffold.”

He adds, “Cresset’s software has also been invaluable for teaching members of my research group about hit-to-lead optimization and inhibitor design as a whole because Cresset’s representation of a compound is more intuitive for those people who are more biologically than chemistry oriented. The support from Cresset has been exceptional and we look forward to continuing our partnership through this project and beyond.”

Free software bursary – sparkV10, torchV10, forgeV10

Any post-graduate, PhD and post-doc student enrolled in a defined degree course is entitled to a free one year named user license for Cresset desktop products. Students should apply to Cresset with a description of the project and the intended use of the software:

Low cost one year licenses – sparkV10, torchV10, forgeV10, blazeV10

A low-cost one year license is available to individual academics or to academic groups of up to five members of the same lab group. Email for more details.

About Cresset

Cresset develops software for calculating and comparing the molecular field characteristics of chemical compounds. Cresset also offers consultancy services which enable companies to outsource computational chemistry work to achieve high value, on-demand expertise, particularly in the areas of library design, virtual screening, scaffold hopping, lead optimization and patent analysis.

Cresset’s field technology uses the surface properties of molecules to evaluate their activities and properties, rather than relying on 2D structure similarity, which enables Cresset’s users to find more interesting, novel and relevant results than other methods. This field technology provides a smarter, structure independent way of hit-finding, lead switching and lead optimization in drug discovery and other chemistry-based research projects. Cresset’s field technologies have been successfully applied to a very wide range of target classes, with and without structural information, on over 100 projects for major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.