SpeedyHire Contract Tag-Guard for Their Equipment Security

With theft constantly on the increase, especially when it comes to equipment that is left unguarded, having the right security system in place can make all the difference. Tag-Guard is happy to announce an exciting venture where they have been contracted by SpeedyHire offering their equipment and services.

Dr Kitchin Technical Director for Tag Guard said ‘This represents an exciting opportunity to provide the TagGuard quality of equipment and services much appreciated by our existing clients, to customer’s using the SpeedyHire rental services. Total service and one stop for security services and equipment supply has been the goal for TagGuard for the last 4 years.’

Plant Equipment Theft on the Rise

During 2011, there was approximately £800 million worth of theft in the construction industry alone. This amount is based on the replacement of machinery, hiring machinery and the increase of insurance. Large equipment such as compressors, cranes and excavators were among those items stolen during the year.

SpeedyHire Rental Services have taken the initiative to ensure that all equipment rented out will be protected using the Tag-Guard wireless security system.

Wireless Security Systems by Tag-Guard

All the systems developed by Tag-Guard are designed and developed within the UK. They are a cost saving opportunity helping companies by reducing the risk of theft on site. These systems can protect areas up to one kilometre apart integrating both alarm and camera to ensure an overall security solution.

The advantage to the systems is that they are free standing which means they do not rely on mains power, while they still conform to the necessary British Standards and Codes of Practice.

Can These Systems Save Companies Money?

The question is whether the systems can help companies such as SpeedyHire Rental Services save money in the long run. When relying on manned security even when combining with CCTV cameras, there are no guarantees that thieves will not get through.

The cost to companies where theft is taking place is affecting their expenses dramatically. These costs include the replacement of the equipment, hiring new equipment while waiting for the replacements and bearing the cost of an increased insurance premium.

Tag-Guard offer wireless security systems which cover safety, fire and security for buildings, construction sites, standalone equipment, vehicles and so much more. These flexible systems are innovative, ensuring they offer a higher level of security than having a human security guard at the door.

About Tag-Guard

Tag-Guard have been designing and developing wireless security systems within the UK since 1996 and have spent the past four years concentrating on ways these systems can assist businesses in saving money by reducing the risk of theft.

With offices throughout the UK, Tag-Guard offer a nationwide service to a number of companies including National Grid and now with the new contract in place will be offering their services to SpeedyHire.

Contact Tag-Guard

Address: Merlin House, Gibson Road, Hemswell Cliff Business Centre, Gainsborough, London, DN21 5TL
Telephone: 01427 666111
Email: sales@tag-guard.co.uk
Website: http://www.tag-guard.com/