Firework is a great addition to weddings

They provide a spectacle that everyone will enjoy, from your youngest to oldest guests. When it comes to choosing the best fireworks for your wedding there are number of things that you’ll need to consider.

1.Will your venue allow you to have fireworks?

You need to find out if your venue is suitable or will even allow firework displays. Some venues may have an issue with the noise level generated by the fireworks, which can be dealt with by carefully selecting the fireworks to be used. Other venues may have lots of mature trees which could present a problem for high aerial fireworks and the most important issue to be dealt with is whether there is sufficient space for the fireworks to be fired safely.

2.Who will be letting them off?

You have two choices here, a professional display or a self-fired display.

a) Professional Display

If you are having a professional company organize the wedding fireworks display for you all of the above issues would be dealt with. A professional firework display company will conduct a site visit to the proposed venue and prepare a risk assessment based on that visit. Special conditions may then be required to be complied with for the firework display to take place safely, such as where the spectators should stand and where cars should be parked. A professional firework display company will then design a show to your particular requirements, including colour schemes and special fireworks of the bride and grooms initials, which is a fantastic special touch. You can also add music to your display to take it to the next level. Professional teams will be able to carefully choreograph the display to fit in with your chosen music. A professional firework display company will also be properly insured which some venues may insist upon.

This, however, all costs money. A professionally fired wedding display can easily eat up money and this may not be an option for many.

Part 2 to follow soon.

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