Natural Pesticides are Increasing in Popularity

People across the world are realizing that it is important to buy and use natural pesticides to protect their family, their pets and the planet

Consumers are increasingly realizing that the use of chemicals can be very bad for the planet, and can also be bad for their own health. This increased awareness means that demand for Wondercide natural & organic pest control products is strong.

Wondercide products launched in 2008 and the company already has thousands of loyal B2C and B2B customers that are buying a wide range of natural and organic products from them.

Most are doing so primarily because they want to reduce the chemical exposure to themselves and benefit the planet . For example, they want to use natural pesticides in their garden. These products get rid of pests without harming other insects that are good for the garden and are important for the environment. It means homeowners and business owners can kill and repel roaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, ants and other pests on their property without damaging the planet or people. Fungus, mold and mosses can also be controlled using Wondercide’s natural and organic pest control products.

People want to use organic fertilizers for the same reason. It also means that any produce they grow in their garden is going to definitely be safe to eat and a healthier option. More and more homeowners and businesses see using natural pesticides and fertilizers as a win, win. Doing so protects their health and that of the planet as a whole.

Even indoors, people are turning to natural products rather than those made from harsh chemicals. It is preferred to buy natural products that will get rid of silverfish, pantry moths, bed bugs, lice, mites, ticks, fleas and many other pests that can infest an indoor space.

Wondercide specializes in natural pest control products for pets
Wondercide has experienced significant growth in their pet pest control products over the last few years. Pet owners are slowly realizing that the flea and tick treatment products they normally use contain harsh chemicals. They are concerned about the affect these harsh chemicals could be having on their pet’s health. As a result, they are increasingly choosing to buy natural flea and tick pest control products and ditching the ones that contain harsh chemicals.

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