LAN services announces the mobile version of 24Seven shopping cart

After considering the growth in the internet & mobile penetration in the developed & developing economies, The LAN Services has launched the mobile version of its 24Seven shopping cart platform.

Every retaileris vying on increasing the visibility of their online store on different platforms.And with the surge in the usage of internet on the mobile devices, online retailers find it lucrative to make their webstores compatible with mobile devices.

An increase in the smart phone use has led the users to spend more time on their mobile devices for email, product research, and everyday use. This increased usage is making it necessary for the online retailers to either to make their shopping cartmobile compatible or launch a separate mobile website for enhanced user experience.

24Seven Cart has integrated many new features for making its webstore mobile compatible. The ‘Responsive web design’ of this mobile version makes this eCommerce shopping cart visible same on different screen sizes. This responsive web design has led the customers to get access to the webstore through their mobile phones or laptops or tablets.

With an advent of mobile compatibility for 24Seven Cart, the customers can get access to the webstore from anywhere. The access to information is actually manifested in the form of product research, price comparisons, product reviews and purchase decisions. Information access from this channel allows to place itself within the process of consumer research which actually leads to more conversion.

The online retailers need not to optimize the URLs of their mobile webstore as they can use the same URL for both regular & mobile sites. Additionally, Google can use the existing inbound links for ranking the mobile compatible webstore.

24Seven Cart complements LAN Services’s creative set of services that streamlined the eCommerce software solutions. The company is offering an array of e-retailing solutions like MS RMS integration solution, online marketing services, point-of-sales solutions and social media automation. For detailed information about the 24Seven Cart.

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