Virtual Drive Offers Leading Online Backup with free Basic Service

For businesses looking for a quality and affordable data backup solution, Virtual Drive has assured to provide with leading online backup solutions at extremely lower costs. The basic service is FREE.

Virtual Drive is a pioneer in secure cloud services operating for around 14 years now. Online data back up is one of their major services.

“Your business database demands solid backup but your in-house local or USB backup cannot be relied on always as these are not adequate to survive virus attacks, disk crashes, fire, hurricane, fire, accidental deletion etc. Thus we are offering our premium offsite backup services that would safeguard your valuable database automatically with huge leading backup features”, said the spokesperson from Virtual Drive.

The firm offers a secure, easy & automatic backup for files, email and database for multiple PCs, servers and laptops.

When it comes to the high-end features of their offsite backup service, Virtual Drive supports the clients with fast backup & restore by involving incremental backup & data compression. The backup service can support file-version history, HTTPS/SSL & data encryption assuring top notch security requirements.

“Our service would backup network folders, servers and removable discs and we guarantee to backup the client’s database even when he isn’t logged on. You are getting business and group backup with multiple PCs at no additional charge and with multi-user support”, said the firm manager.

Speaking about Virtual Drive’s backup software, he stressed on a prompt setup with installation in seconds. The businesses choosing backup services from Virtual Drive will not have a need to buy any backup device. “Our services are optimized for the large enterprises, service providers, solution providers as well as resellers”, he added.

The firm also reported of deploying superior RAID storage solution, redundant server tools & redundant data sets for high reliability.

Their start up cost is around $299 a year with a seemingly better price than an in-house Enterprise & unreliable backup service that can range from $2000 to $10,000 start up cost & $100-$400 monthly, respectively.

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