GoodFellas Offers Great Coupon Deals Just before For Summer Feast

GoodFellas, a recognized local leader in pizza delivery, provides variety of cuisines, like: boneless wings and regular wings and 11 different hot wing sauces to go with the wings. To satisfy their customers hunger, GoodFellas geared up its service by adding great coupon deals.

“People want better value deals that allow them larger servings, high quality along with a lesser price. Understanding this, GoodFellas introduced coupons which their customers can make use to save more while enjoying more at the eat-outs. GoodFellas has always had the big satellite dishes on the roof and with the popularity of the smaller dishes, GoodFellas is on top of the latest technology” said the manager from this reputed company.

The coupons are of four types, with the coupon of $21.99, customer can enjoy two large cheese pizzas with two liter soda. $15.99 coupon offers one large appetizer with two liter soda. Third coupon is an interesting one, for just $15.99, one can build their own pizza with unlimited toppings. Last but not the least, customer purchasing pizza for $12.00 is availed with free 2 liter appetizer. Along with these great coupons, the exemplary pizza delivery firm proffers one larger pizza for only $4.99 with free pepperoni addition.

There are number of ways to get these coupons but with the website, one can save their energy and time. Customer can select the coupons according to the deals they are interested. Michael, one of the customers of GoodFellas who bought this coupon commented, “I was carving good pizza for a while but didn’t want to pay over $20. I visited GoodFellas, took a coupon and ordered pizzas. They have been ready in 10-15 minutes and super yummy. I’m impressed with the taste, customer service, prices and all the coupons available to keep the prices reasonable”.

For the past ten years, GoodFellas, one of the best Scranton restaurants has been creating innovative culinary experiences throughout NEPA. Apart from delicious cuisines and event planning, the firm also demur their customer with Death Sauce Challenge. If any customer eat all 10 Death wings in 5 minutes, they are offered with a Death sauce challenge t-shirt.

About GoodFellas

Since 1990, GoodFellas is offering delicious cuisines to all their customers along with great deals. Their vision illustrates a company of exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world. For more info, log on to