Converting the Increased Customer Interaction with E-Commerce Shopping – 24Seven Cart

To increase the customer interaction & converting it to final sales, 24Seven Cart has come up with a new robust Mail Management and Customer Reviews System. Additionally, this e-commerce shopping cart gives enhanced customer service experience as online retailers get more opportunities to interact.

In the online vertical, the retailers get the limited number of opportunities to interact directly with their online customers. Online visitors usually browse through the e-commerceshopping cart either to get an idea about the prices of the products or to get the additional details about the products or to get the final user & expert reviews about the products.

Therefore, the chances of communicating with customers are sparse for online retailers. And in such conditions, the options available before online retailers to get themselves in touch with them are either through sending mails or contacting them over phone or live chat over the web.

To deal with this issue, 24Seven Cart has designed a comprehensive Mail Management and Customer Review System. Online retailers are able to send mail to their customers at various instances like:
– When order comes for final delivery.
– When the shipment happens to the ordered goods.
– When the order gets cancelled due to non-availability of the goods.
– When the order gets declined due to issues in the online payment.
– When the goods ordered are partially shipped.
– When the information about the goods returned and refund need to be communicated.
– Need to notify the customers about the out of stock items & prospective date about item replenishment.
– When they are abandoning their shopping cart

To make this process simple, the online retailer can set the standard mail template for each type of instances and the mails are automatically forwarded on the occurrence of such issues.

In addition to this, 24Seven Cart provides an opportunity to online visitors to write reviews about products they evaluated. Online retailers can even administer these reviews by allowing them to highlight on their webstores or editing them or deleting them.

24Seven Cart is the flagship product under the aegis of LAN Services which is based in San Jose, California. The company offers a wide range of e-retailing solutions like MS RMS integration solution, online marketing services, point-of-sales solutions and social media automation. For detailed information about the 24Seven Cart.