Skin Factory Uses New And Innovative Technologies For Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal Las VegasSkin Factory Laser, located in Henderson, Nevada, is an ultimate modern laser tattoo removal shop in Las Vegas. They are highly specialized in harmless, laser removal of tattoo pigment. They give first priority to customer’s satisfaction. This is the main reason for their high level quality services.

This laser tattoo removal las vegas service is safe, effective, affordable and convenient. They follow new and latest technologies to treat their clients. Want to remove unwanted tattoo? Then this is the right place to get the complete solution. The dedicated team successfully without removing pigment of the skin. One can also get the most effective cover up services here.

Skin factory best tattoo removal las vegas consists of highly qualified and trained technicians. They offer successful cover up’s depend on the size, style and color of original tattoo. Today, laser tattoo removal refers to the non-invasive removal of tattoo pigments using Q-switched lasers. This completely remove black and darker colored inks effectively. With cutting edge technology of their tattoo removal procedure, they use 4 different wavelengths that remove all colors. Yellow and white are most stubborn colors, so they require more additional treatments to produce significant fading. Millions of people are utlizing these quality treatments at affordable prices.

Now, skin factory offers fast tattoo removal, R20 method that uses the Q-switched laser in an alternative way. It is very popular method today where instead of only one pass of the laser during the office visit, it uses 4 passes to treat the tattoo during the same visit. A 20 minutes gap between each pass is quiet necessary for the whitish bubbles to disappear. It is proven method for complete removal of tattoo which reaches greater depths that with one single pass of the Q-switched laser. Without any doubt, it is the most effective and safe method that has minimal side effects.

Skin factory mission says that “Using only state-of-the-art laser equipment and technology, our technicians deliver a patient experience that goes well beyond your expectations”. Thye keep an eye on all the latest techniques to offer the best quality treatments to their clients. Now, they use Rev Lite Laser that is the most effective, current and least abrasive laser on the market today. It is offered by well practiced technicians thus making their clients experience more comfortable and time effective. For free consultation, one can call todat itself. To know more about their services immediately visit

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