Bayut is a popular source for Dubai real estate news

Besides being a reliable real estate portal, has also gained credibility as a popular news source in the UAE real estate sector. The portal exclusively covers the property related news and keeps its members updated about the Emirates’ happening realty sector.

As a renowned real estate portal that deals specifically in the UAE, serves its members in a variety of manners. A not-so-recent yet concrete addition to the portal’s profound services is that of offering UAE real estate news. By covering the real estate news, has made it possible for its wide clientele to stay updated and abreast of everything concerning the Dubai’s happening realty market directly or indirectly.

The efforts put by the’s staff members for reporting and covering the related news is paying quite well as the portal has become one of the top 5 websites on various search engines that cover UAE real estate news. Getting higher ranks on the search engines mean offering more value to the website’s users, which is reflected by the fact that an increasing number of people are now on board with and the count is continuously rising. has literally become a one stop shop for everyone interested in buying, selling, renting or leasing property in Dubai. Other than maintaining huge and fresh listings of active property in Dubai and other states of the UAE, Bayut also offers smart tools for its members, including search trends, real time market price, and mortgage calculator. The members of now find the industry news on the same portal, making a perfect package to go completely with the active real estate industry of the UAE.

For particular information about investment, the performance of different localities, ROI, and expert opinion on related matters, Bayut’s community also serves a huge number of investors and tenants in the UAE. To educate the buyers and everyone else interested in Dubai real estate sector, maintains an active blog section where the real estate experts update the relevant and well researched information on a regular basis.

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