Presents Innovative Outdoor Lighting Products with Stunning Effects

Decorative Lighting Company Ltd reportedly presents innovative outdoor lighting solutions promising stunning effects. The company assured a safe lighting display as well.

Decorative Lighting was founded in 2005 by T. Noorie who has more than 25 years of professional experience in decorative lighting for commercial decorations and Christmas projects. Decorative lighting was established as an answer to the need of compliant-safe 240 V decorative lighting system which would be easy for installation & maintenance. The company operates with 2 offices in Australia and New Zealand.

“If you are looking for beautiful and easily installable outdoor decorative lighting solutions, come to us. We stock for innovative lighting applications that can bring the desired dazzling effects for your landscaping, trees, building exteriors, water gardens & other outdoor events. Our company is a certified and reliable firm and we promise to provide safe lighting solutions only”, said the spokesperson from Decorative Lighting.

All the products supplied by them are according to the set standards in Australia and New Zealand and thus can cope up with the terrible weather conditions of these two regions like torrent rain and high sunshine.

The firm has a versatile inventory consisting of tree lights, Icicle lights, solar fairy lights, solar park lights, wash lights, pond lights, garden lights, wedding lights, disco lights, twinkle lights, dance lights, project lights and many more. They are also open to provide the customers with expert installation services.

“You can count on us for specialized and professional installation services for our decorative lights whether it’s for commercial landscapes, main streets or natural trees. Our trained installers use rubber-sheathed cable & wrapping lights technique to assure complete safety of the trees where the lights are installed. We make sure that the trees are never stressed & the wrap & tape policy deployed here guarantee no damage to tree growth”, said the manager of Decorative Lighting.

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