Recycling Cars is Really good for the Environment

Mills Motors notes that recycling cars is the 16th largest business in America. And while this is important, the effect on the environment is more important. When you say, “I want to sell my junk car,” you are beginning the process of entering a business that generates $25 billion a year.

The junk car for cash business is supported by about 7,000 vehicle recycling yards around the country. Amazingly, recycling autos provides enough steel to produce almost 13 million new cars and it generates 46,000 jobs.

Trading a junk car for cash is recycling at its best. It’s the most recycled consumer product in the world. In fact 95% of all retired autos are recycled every year. Compare that to newspapers at 74%, 51% for aluminum products and only 10% for consumer electronics.

But there is more to cars for cash than simply grinding them up, melting them down and making new autos. Many of the parts — alternators, starters, engines, transmissions and others — can be removed from autos, sold and used to repair cars still on the road. Many of these parts go to automotive remanufacturers who rebuild them to factory specifications and are sold by auto parts stores.

At Mills Motors, we’re proud of our cars for cash program. When we take a junk car for cash, we know we’re helping the environment, helping to create jobs and helping our clients do a good thing in responsibly taking vehicles off the road and being compensated for it as they help the environment.

About Mills Motors and cars for cash
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