Immigration Attorneys Blog Offering up-to-date info on I-601 Waivers

ranchod law group logoThe Ranchod Law Group, Immigration Attorneys with a focus on I-601 and I-601A Waivers and offices in Sacramento has released new and up to date information useful to those seeking advice and preliminary knowledge on I-601 Waiver procedures.

During a presentation the owner of the Practice Kaushik Ranchod illustrated the new editorial line of the blog:

“The Ranchod Law Group is committed to offering the general public information related to the procedures and implications of such procedures. Many are lead to believe the process is a straight forward: for instance form I-601A, allowing individuals to apply for the provisional unlawful presence waiver, is six pages long. A superficial examination leads to conclude the compilation is not very difficult, however, the application requires supporting documents to be presented which are critical as they will form the basis to whether the government accepts or rejects an application.

Many of our posts are directly related to questions that we often hear from our Clients and prospects. Dealing with immigration law and procedures on a regular basis we are fully aware of the complexity and amount of work involved in preparing hardship waivers and completing Forms such as I-601A provisional unlawful presence waiver. Government forms can be extremely complex and confusing. Many do not understand the implications of the procedures: if instructions are not followed and relevant information provided, you could potentially be separated from your family members for up to ten years.

For these reasons we are committed to publishing on a regular basis content on I-601 waivers and other immigration specific issues.”

The Ranchod Law Group is a team of committed immigration professionals helping people from around the world fulfill their dream of visiting, working, or living in America.