Logan Dentist Features Video Presentation on Pain Relieving Remedies

Renowned Logan dentist Douglas Smith, DDS is featuring a video presentation on his website that discusses the various pain-relieving self-remedies people can apply when professional help is not immediately available.

Dr. Smith understands that there are some instances when a quick remedy for aching teeth is necessary even before one has set an appointment with a dentist. For this reason, he has provided a short instructional video that enumerates several effective interventions one can use to temporarily relieve the pain until they are able to see a dental professional.

Several of these treatments include pain-relieving agents, pills, cold water rinsing, and many others. The specific dosages and applications depend on the cause of the ailment, whether it is due to sensitivity or because of a broken tooth.

Dr. Smith offers a wide range of general, restorative, cosmetic, and preventive dentistry treatments. His procedures cover crowns and bridges, implants, dentures, partials, and root canals. He also provides whitening, porcelain veneers, cosmetic banding, white fillings, and sealants. In addition, he conducts comprehensive exams, consultations, cleaning, and treatments for gum disease. Furthermore, he provides sedation dentistry with oral snoozing pills or nitrous oxide.

He is currently offering a special for prospective patients whose calls were not taken when they first phoned his office. If the practice is not able to get back to a caller within 10 minutes of leaving a voice message, the patient becomes eligible for a $100 discount for their procedure.

To view the video presentation or to get a coupon for a free treatment, visit DougSmithDDS.com.

About Douglas F. Smith, DDS

Dr. Smith is a Logan dentist who practices in the areas of restorative, cosmetic, preventive, and sedation dentistry. He serves clients from Logan, Providence, Smithfield, and other nearby areas in the Utah Valley. For the convenience of his clients, the practice accepts plans from all major insurance providers.