SMI Announces Appointment of Chris Gormley as Chief Executive Officer

SMI announced today that its board of directors has unanimously selected Chris Gormley as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Gormley brings extensive social media, cloud, and big data marketing, operations, and development experience to the company.

SMI is a Pittsburgh-based tech company that collects and deciphers publicly available information on social media and open Internet sites for clients to use for anything from simple tasks to monitor social media, to pre-employment background checks by social channels, to due diligence on global alternative investments.

Chris Randall, co-founder and leader of the CEO search committee said,

“We are pleased to have someone of Chris Gormley’s talent and technology experience to take the CEO role at SMI. He uniquely blends big data, social media, and cloud software experience. He knows what it takes to build a large, sustainable software and services company.”

Mr. Gormley said, “I am deeply honored and thrilled to join and to lead the SMI team, expanding on the product and core customers they have already established.”

Mr. Gormley is an experienced technology director playing an executive role in his fifth early stage software technology company. His prior experience includes VP Product Management at FreeMarkets – which went public in 1999 and sold to Ariba in 2004-, Chief Operating Officer at Tiversa, VP Marketing & Strategy at Haley Systems – later sold to Oracle, Omnyx /GE Healthcare, GE Plastics, and international management consulting firm McKinsey and Company.

Mr. Gormley holds an M.B.A. in Finance and Strategy from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

SMI is expanding rapidly, serving several hundreds of users in 15 different countries including one of the world’s largest asset management companies. The company offers three types of fully automated, customizable search and analysis products: Eploy™ Solution for background employment screening, Egle™ Solution for legal research and investment diligence, and Social Fingerprint™ Solution for personal reputation management.

Mr. Gormley expects SMI to grow much larger.

“We are quickly adding to our core software development and commercial teams including Internet search and data analytics. We see strong demand across employment, software for private investigators, competitive intelligence, sourcing and supply chain management, and legal markets.”

Mr. Gormley succeeds co-founder Chris Randall as CEO of SMI. Mr. Randall remains as a member of the Board and will continue to be actively involved in the company.

Mr. Gormley is also a social media and technology advisor to the Pittsburgh non-profit Resolution Hope and has authored and designed an iOS App for another non-profit available on the App store.

About SMI

SMI is a Pittsburgh-based tech company that offers three fully-automated, customizable search and analysis products called 1) Eploy™ Solution for Pre-Employment 2) Egle™ Solution for Legal Management 3) Social Fingerprint™ for Personal Reputation Management. All three use a single, proprietary search and data analytics platform.

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