Image3D Offers Custom Casting Reels for Special Occasions

Image3D is offering custom casting reels to people looking for creative gift ideas that they can give on special occasions and make them even more memorable. Recommended for birthdays, wedding announcements, and other important life events, the custom reels feature seven images in seven frames with 3D options. They also come with centers that can be customized with clients’ own graphics or layouts.

The company provides an online Reel Builder, which clients can use to upload their images, add captions, choose frames, and preview the reels they want custom made. An instructional video, which details steps on how to build a reel, is available. With this builder feature, clients who have Photoshop skills can also put their own images together using the company’s available templates.

Image3D has a range of mini and classic View Master style viewers available in blue, black, red, and white. They also offer pop-up viewers that serve as a low-cost solution when many need to be ordered. When clients approve the reels, they can choose to order them as a set with a viewer and a matching handout box. They can also only ask for the reel, or even add a custom imprint to the viewer when they purchase 26 or more.

Founded in 1997, Image3D has grown from a kitchen table operation to a state-of-the-art company providing tools by which people can have personalized 3D viewing experiences. They provide custom reels, viewers, and 3D marketing tools for personal and corporate use. The company’s founder, Rich Dubnow, served as lead photographer at View Master for 20 years, working with noted film visionaries such as Jim Henson and Steven Spielberg.

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About Image3D

Founded by one of the most accomplished photographers in the industry, Image3D offers opportunities for 3D experiences with their range of custom reels, viewers, and marketing tools. They have an extensive list of satisfied clients, which includes Pixar, ESPN, Google, and Walt Disney.