Lokkatha-the voice of the masses announced free online course on Writing for the Web

Lokkatha announces starting of a free online course on “writing for the Web”. The course is designed to develop the basic skills for writing online content and to provide the learners an endless opportunity to earn through writing for the World Wide Web (WWW).

In many countries of the world, students and freelance writers earn a decent amount of money through online writing. In the contemporary era of globalisation, the expansion of the space for expression and the very existence of World Wide Web have widened the scope of writers both in terms of their potential to produce (publish) as well as earning opportunities. There are numerous websites today that offer a part of their earnings as author royalties. Lokkatha Writers Programme announced the free online course on writing for the web precisely to utilise this timely opportunity for budding and new writers.

The simple pedagogy of the free online course is designed with a 60 day module and the participants have to go through one module each day and answer the multiple choice questions at the end of the module. The enrolment in the course is through an online application process where the candidates will be screened for their interest in becoming an online writer.

The first batch of the course will be starting from 7th June 2013. To start the application process, please visit http://lokkatha.com/writer/index.php/en/apply-online-for-writing-for-the-web-course

The expected benefits of the course are Certificate of Completion, An Established Web Identity and Chances to win Cash and other Awards through Writer Competitions. Our moderators in the course are skilled in various forms of online writing and the learners, on successful completion of the course are expected to benefit the learners in several ways. While the course is designed for the undergraduate students only, anyone interested in creative writing may feel free to apply for the course and benefit from it . For more details please visit http://lokkatha.com/writer/