NovusCall Offers Flexible Plans on Live Telephone Answering Service

NovusCall, a leading call center in North America, is offering a unique live telephone answering service to help businesses keep their operations running smoothly. The company’s staff acts as virtual receptionists who can answer any incoming phone calls when and however needed. Moreover, they provide services such as taking messages, forwarding to voicemails, and routing calls.

Each telephone call can signal many things but more importantly, it can mean a new lead and more business. NovusCall offers to support company growth by managing information for inbound calls, and offering their clients the option of forwarding this data to respective sales teams and dispatch services.

For example, businesses like landscaping companies need to adapt to market needs from season to season. NovusCall specializes in a seasonal answering service that can adjust according to the number of customers a landscaper receives in a given season. In addition, the company has an overflow answering service that can be used during peak times of the year, as it is programmed to handle a high volume of phone calls.

The goal of this company is to provide proven time and money-saving call-handling services entirely designed to suit any business need. They offer flexible plans at affordable rates, toll-free services, and even a free week-long virtual receptionist trial.

NovusCall also runs a premium virtual answering service. This comes at a bundle and includes order processing, scheduling and appointment setting, plus CRM maintenance. Through this, the company functions as virtual members of their clients’ staff with the intention of making communication faster and more effective. For more information, visit

About NovusCall

NovusCall offers their own innovative and exclusive enhancements to clients’ customer communication systems with the sole purpose of enabling them to experience call and message handling at full potential. The company conducts free consultations and has calculated packages to cater to any budget.