Getting-in the UK’s leading educational website is growing from strength to strength

Nowhere is the trend towards websites and other online resources replacing the traditional book more clearly visible than in the world of online education. Tech-savvy young people are now just as likely to learn and get information through their smartphone, tablet or laptop as they are through books and newspapers.

However, this migration over to the digital world has not always managed to harness the Internet’s full potential, with many of the educational resources online seeming to continually reinvent the wheel.

Nevertheless, one new site, Getting-in, has bucked this trend by redefining the possibilities of online educational resources. And its new approach to offering guidance and advice to young people has by all account proved to be a great hit, with the site’s popularity growing month by month. Having gone live in time for the start of the 2012-201gcse revision3 school year, between then and now Getting-in has already come to lead the online educational field.

The appeal of the site to young people looking for guidance related to their futures is clear from the moment you arrive at its homepage. While many educational sites look and feel drab, Getting-in’s layout and visuals provide it with a fresh, intuitive appeal. More importantly, though, there is also a clear level of quality to back up its impressive visuals as, unlike many other educational sites, this one has been written entirely by a team of professional writers and educational experts.

This alone, however, does not tell the full story of the unique contribution that Getting-in is making to young people’s futures. What truly sets this site apart from others is the sheer scope of its content. Where some sites purely offer revision notes and others concentrate on universities, Getting-in has something for all young people, regardless of whether their priority is preparing for exams, deciding where to go to university, getting help about suitable career paths, or discovering training and vocational options for life after school.

In addition to its unparalleled range of content including things like GCSE and A-Level revision guides, advice on writing personal statements and CVs and a wealth of articles related to careers, the site also makes great use of the technical capabilities of Web 2.0. For example, students looking for information on universities can search the UK’s academic institutions using an interactive map, or get information on upcoming open days through its interactive calendar. And the site is also integrated into the world of social media, with its many followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ being able to both interact with the Getting-in team and receive regular updates that could help map out their futures. Users of Getting-in can even make great savings by using the site through taking advantage of the huge database of discounts it offers for shops and restaurants across the UK.

If the future of education lies online, then judging by the huge popularity that Getting-in has enjoyed in its first year of operation it is clear that the site is leading the way in showing how the potential of the web can be harnessed to help young people prepare for their futures.

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