Leading Online Tea Store is Offering Unique Pu-Erh Weight Loss Tea

For people who are trying to lose weight easily, Tealux, a leading online tea store from Montreal, has come up with unique Pu-erh tea which is proven to result in significant weight loss. Pu erh tea is a certified herbal tea with roots back in China.

Tealux sells over 100 certified herbal teas and Pu-erh is one of their special collections.

“If your diet pills are not working and you are getting no time to exercise, our Pu-erh tea would help you to lose weight easily. It’s a widely accepted unique fat loss tea which is produced from hundred percent Pu-Erh tea leaves to support the customers with weight loss & great metabolic benefits. The Pu-Erh tea weight loss benefits have been witnessed by several people from various countries around”, said a spokesperson for Tealux.ca.

The tea contains polyphenols which make the tea healthy & offers a distinct fragrance to it. Pu-Erh tea is one among the healthiest of teas in the world since it’s enriched in antioxidants given its highly oxidized nature. Although Pu-Erh tea contains caffeine like the other brews, the caffeine content is below the damage level here.

“It’s good to note that Pu-erh is really a very special tea. The best part about the tea is that unlike the other teas, Pu-Erh is made from broadleaf variety which can facilitate fast microbial action that can lead to numerous health benefits. You will be glad to know that Pu-Erh tea comes with anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties”, said the spokesperson, while speaking about the uniqueness of this Chinese herbal tea.

“Another interesting part is that, unlike the other herbal teas such as green tea or oolong tea, Pu-Erh tastes much better as it goes through prolonged aging or storage after fermentation. It involves a post fermented processing while the other teas involve either no fermentation or partial or full fermentation”, he added.

Apart from easy weight loss, the special herbal tea also comes with a number of other health benefits. According to reports, Pu-Erh tea can help in reducing Cholesterol level, blood sugar serum cholesterol, preventing cardiovascular issues, reducing diabetes. It’s also said to help in various oxidation related issues, improving mental alertness as well as sharp thinking capabilities.

Tealux is offering Pu-Erh tea in a variety of flavors. These include Ginger Treasure, Fruity delight, Jasmine SWIRL, Earl Grey, Orange zest, Chocolate, Caramel, Coconut, Vanilla Mint and many more.

To know more about Pu-Erh and to order the tea from Tealux, visit http://www.tealux.ca/buy_puerh_tea_online_store