Unifi Communications Announce Their Re-Certification as CISCO Premier Partners

Reliable and effective communication is only possible with robust network hardware and software, which is something most successful firms recognise.

As a result, most are very careful about whom they choose to install and look after their communication network. They know that they need a robust system that they can rely on to work 100% of the time.

Even a short period without the ability to communicate effectively with customers and team members can cause serious problems for most modern firms. In today’s always on world firms, rely heavily on the ability to communicate in a range of ways. Even a short period of time without proper contact between team members can stop a firm in its tracks and potentially also lose them customers. Recovering takes time, and can cost a lot of money, so communication is a service that must always work.

Modern customers expect tobe able to always contact the firms they use when they want. If they find they are unable to do so their confidence in that firm plummets. It can even cause them to buy elsewhere in the future.

As a result, firms that have complex communication needs look for companies that are established, experienced and can keep pace with their every changing communication needs. Unificomms provides Cisco Unified Communications Solutions and is a firm that many UK firms use to take care of their communication needs. Since 2004, they have been certified by CISCO to sell, design, implement and operate Cisco network solutions. In May, their certification was renewed, proving that their team has kept standards high since their last review.

Unificomms have a growing customer base
Their high standards are recognised and appreciated by their customers. Over the years, the Unificomms team have helped firms of all sizes with their communication needs. Today, some of their earliest customers, who were quite small when they first worked with them, have grown into much larger national firms. They, in particular, appreciate this communication firm’s flexible and proactive approach, because it has meant that their communication systems have kept pace with their changing needs.

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