Big Data opportunities revealed in Data Optimisation Survey

Big Data opportunities revealed in Data Optimisation SurveyAccording to a joint Data Optimisation Survey between Hitachi Data Systems and Computacenter, a quarter of organisations think they are not very effective at finding Big Data opportunities for their business.

The Data Optimisation Survey Research Report shows how 85% of organisations say staff have problems finding the information they need, when they need it. However, organisations are beginning to discover the future business opportunities with Big Data as part of their IT solutions and strategies.

To tap into these benefits, organisations not only need the right internal IT skill sets but also the right storage architecture, analytical tools, and data policies.

Organisations will be able to establish an IT roadmap for capturing, analysing and exploiting Big Data by using an optimised storage infrastructure. This can then help turn data into big opportunities. Some of the proven storage optimisation options available include deduplication, compression, archiving and automated data tiering.

Big Data can mean an increase in storage hardware costs. However, by optimising existing storage assets, organisations will be able to ensure both their IT infrastructure and budget can keep up with the endless flow of terabytes.

To view the Data Optimisation Survey, click here.