Is the Japan Rail Pass Worth It?

Japan Rail Pass Now, Australia’s choice for the Japan Rail Pass, gives customers a good insight into the savings that can be made from using the Japan Rail Pass.

“Is the Japan Rail Pass Worth It?” is one of the most common questions when it comes to the Japan Rail Pass. The three important factors you need to consider when deciding whether to purchase the JR Pass are:

Itinerary: This is the main factor when it comes to deciding whether to purchase the JR Pass. If you are making multiple trips around Japan then you will really want to consider purchasing the Japan Rail Pass. If you were to purchase a Tokyo to Kyoto return trip it would end up costing roughly the same price as a 7 day rail pass.

Time: If you plan on using the JR pass most of the time you are in Japan then it’s worth considering the JR Rail Pass. The Japan Rail Pass has 7, 14 and 21 day options which have to be used in consecutive days.

Flexibility: By having the Japan Rail Pass it increases your flexibility and you don’t need to worry about keeping to a schedule. If you miss the train you planned to catch, then no worries, you can jump on the next one going to your destination. It also allows you to make spontaneous travel decisions as you go and stay at the places you really like.

Adam Weaver, founder of Japan Rail Pass Now, says “You can save more than 36% on your fares by purchasing the Japan Rail Pass. With trips from Australia to Japan growing by 25% in 2012, we hope that holiday makers are planning correctly to utilize the savings, benefits and flexibility that the Japan Rail Pass offers”

About Japan Rail Pass Now

Japan Rail Pass Now is a specialist provider of the Japan Rail Pass within the Australian market. Since 2011, their goal has been to help visitors make the most out of their trip to Japan using the Japan Rail Pass.


Tara Mackie
Japan Rail Pass Now
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