Herbstreith & Fox Inc. – US Marketing Subsidiary of H&F Corporate Group celebrates 10th Anniversary

This year, Herbstreith & Fox Inc. (Elmsford), the US sales, distribution, and marketing subsidiary of Herbstreith & Fox Corporate Group, celebrates its 10 years anniversary.

With founding this distribution company on April 8th, 2003 and starting business activities on 05th January, 2004, the cornerstone for strengthening the Northern America business has been laid. Today, Herbstreith & Fox Inc. supplies its customers from four different warehouses with very short delivery times. This closeness to customers, the comprising technical service and short delivery times is enabling the customers to realize their projects quickly and successfully with H&F products. Market presence, high-quality support and flexibility have decisively contributed to the US market growth during the last 10 years.

Herbstreith & Fox Corporate Group

For more than 75 years the Herbstreith & Fox Corporate Group is producer of high-quality ingredients for the food industry. Decades of experience in research and development, production, sales and customer-oriented technical service are the foundation for today’s success. Most modern production technologies, a high level of quality, and convincing product innovations characterize the company’s efficiency.

The parent company Herbstreith & Fox KG as a pectin specialist provides pectin for the food industry that meets highest requirements within separate application areas, and offers innovative solution approaches for the product development of its customers.

The subsidiary Herbafood Ingredients GmbH is a competent supplier of plant origin food ingredients. Apple extracts for sweetening and colouring as well as dietary fibres made from carefully dried fruits with impressive functional features are the key elements of the product range.

Under the brand herba cuisine this newly developed culinary segment of Herbafood Ingredients GmbH also offers products on the basis of natural raw materials for the gastronomy sector.

The agro FOOD SOLUTION GMBH supplies the animal feed industry animal nutrition products such as valuable raw fibre from de-pectinized apple pomace, pure pectins and pectin enriched dietetic feedstuffs for a modern livestock and pet nutrition.

Herbstreith & Fox
Corporate Group

About Herbstreith & Fox

The Herbstreith & Fox Corporate Group, headquartered in Neuenbürg, Germany, is renowned worldwide as a producer of Pectins, their superior quality being a landmark to the market. The premium quality product range for manifold applications is complemented by the portfolio of the daughter Herbafood Ingredients GmbH: Dietary fibre from fruits with interesting functional properties, sweetening and colouring apple extracts and, as herba cuisine, products for the gastronomy sector from natural raw materials. In animal feed, the corporate group relies on the expertis of the daughter agro FOOD SOLUTION GmbH.

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