Growing Your Money is Easy with Money Gemstones

Single mother of three shares her success story.

When single mother of three Donna Stone did it tough, she could not have dreamt that one day she would unlock the secret to successfully growing money. Then she started her own business and found out it is easy if you follow a few basic rules. She now runs four businesses and only has to work three days a week to make a profit. Donna is sharing her inspirational achievements with others through her latest venture: Money Gemstones.

Donna Stone is not your ordinary single mother. The Brisbane-born go-getter is a successful financial consultant with 30 years of experience under her belt. “In my case that’s a money belt”, she jokes, “When I started Stone Consulting, I soon made more than in any previous jobs. I suddenly had money to spare. Even though a lot of it was achieved by incredibly hard work, I also picked up some valuable lessons that now allow me to actually grow my earnings while working less.”

As with so many single parents, Donna needed to grow her income to be able to provide for her family, but at the same time work reasonable hours to be able to be there for her children. Now she has achieved this, the certified Money Coach and CEO of Stone Consulting is willing to share her gems of advice with the world.

Donna discovered that the tricks she learned can be applied to just about everyone’s household or business. Her new financial education audio program, “Money Gemstones” almost literally ‘whispers’ the secrets of growing money in the ears of those who sign up for the brief weekly audio seminars. “The idea is that you can download the tips and listen to them any time you like, for example while eating your breakfast, walking your dog or driving to work”, explains Donna, who is very aware that most people are just as busy as she used to be.

With so many household bills on the rise, Stone thinks it is crucial to become financially informed. “Most people don’t have the luxury of wasting hard-earned money. In the current economy, people need to be very savvy with their financial decisions.”

Money Gemstones is aimed at business-minded people who are looking to gain money, save money and most of all: Grow money. The program is both inspirational and practical; Donna has collected some motivational examples, but also gives away a lot of practical information on money matters.

Topics include avoiding scams and choosing wise investment options. After the overwhelming recognition for the success of her books and eBooks, Donna is confident that her new program with audio emails will be a hit. “My tips are what I call my little gemstones. I’ll be deliberately giving them away one at a time so it is easy to gather up a wealth of information without having to sift through self-help books and websites.”

The first group to sign up can hire her money coaching services for as low as AUD$14.95 per month and includes copies of her published books. For those who doubt if this method works for them, a 30-day 100% money back guarantee is in place.

To become a member people can simply sign up at