AlcoholRehab.comOpens a New Rehab Facility in Chanthaburi, Adding a 12-Step Based Treatment Program, one of the world’s most cost-effective luxury rehabilitation solutions, announces the launch of its new facility in Chanthaburi to assist a broader client base. In addition to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the facility adds a new 12-step based program, Steps to Recovery Treatment, helping clients overcome addiction through holistic and personalized approach.

Employing the Two Most Effective Therapeutic Methodologies
Ranked among the best rehabilitation centers in the world, Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehab Center Asia employs only the two most effective therapeutic methodologies, namely Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Steps to Recovery Treatment.By employingSteps to Recovery Treatment,its team of professional and experienced therapists is now able to use the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to help clients stay addiction-free. 
The aim of this drug rehab treatment is not just to help clients fight addiction, but to allow them to establish a satisfying life in recovery. The 12-step based program includescounseling, group therapy, art therapy, group communication, Thai boxing, water workout, yoga, and more. These two treatment programs allow to accept more clients.
Providing a Safe, Private, and Tranquil Environment makes sure to hire only therapists who are experts in addiction and mental health. Being located near tropical forests, waterfalls, fishing villages, and beaches, the clients will simply feel rejuvenated from a vacation in Thailand. The drug rehab centerallows clients to focus on recovery without feeling bored or deprived.

Unlike other rehabilitation centers, there are no limitations on mobile phone or internet use outside course hours,permitting friends, family, and colleagues to remain in contact. also provides extended inpatient care, aftercare, and online outpatient services through its large global network.

The twofirst-rate rehab centers have helped thousands of clients from different countries start a new life. By offeringthe latest addiction treatment programs, has been viewed as Asia’s premier international destination for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and recovery.