Quality status of 24424-99-5 Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate

Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate,also named BOC anhydride, short name is DIBOC, CAS no. is 24424-99-5,which is used to introduce amino acid to protect gene in organic synthesis. Because to synthetize a kind of compound same as natural polypeptide, must take all kinds of optical rotation amino acids sequentially connected to a certain length of polypeptide chains,when combine this carboxyl with that amino between two kinds of amino acid, should prevent the same amino acid molecules combined with each other.So, when synthesis, must get certain amino or carboxyl groups protected, so that the reaction can carry out as the requirements. This product is just a kind of amino acid protective agent with good performance, especially for amino protection, widely used in medicine, protein and peptide synthesis, biochemistry food, cosmetics and other products synthesis.

At present, in the domestic market,quality difference of boc is very big. Although main content from some manufacturers can reach to 99%,the contents of impurity, solvents and heavy metals are still very high, and the quality is unstable. These quality grades generally only can be used for non medical or for the low quality requirements.
For some pharmaceutical enterprises, who have high quality requirements, the main content is at least up to 99.5%. However, the manufacturers can be numbered that purity up to 99.5%,and never use solvents prohibited by FDA,then get heavy metals or compound impurities.

In recent years,through refined research about process,repeated tests, use the solvents totally meet the USA FDA scope, Jinxiang chemical had produced high quality (99.5% ) of 24424-99-5,which not contain isopropyl and sec-butyl group, no heavy metal impurities. 24424-99-5 from Jinxiang had been approved by the international well-known pharmaceutical companies and formed a strategic cooperation supplier.