Tag Systems Proud to Announce TagTrak – A Weapon in the Fight Against Tractor Crime

In rural areas throughout the UK, tractors are being stolen every year as highly organised criminal gangs target this type of heavy farm machinery. Farms all over the UK have been affected and it is estimated that the value of stolen tractors, as well as other farm equipment and machinery, has reached £3 million per year. This includes tractors, quad bikes, diggers, trailers and more.

A second hand tractor can be sold for between £50,000 and £100,000, which makes these vehicles a desirable target. Many of the ignition keys in tractors are standard and a typical tractor will have much fewer anti-theft features than a car. Once these vehicles are stolen, they can be sold for profit and shipped out of the country, to buyers as far away as Australia.

At this type of theft can be devastating for rural farm owners and can mean an enormous financial loss, it is crucial that anyone who owns a tractor or other farm equipment take measures to protect it. The problem lies greatly in the lack of security surrounding tractors and how easy they are to steal, so the answer is to install security systems that will discourage this type of crime from happening.

Fighting Against Tractor Crime

Tag Systems, the specialist security solution provider, have developed a product that will be a very effective weapon in the battle to ensure security for tractors and farm equipment all around the country.

TagTrack is a tracking device that has already been proven to be successful in recovering stolen vehicles in many other sectors. It has been used to this effect in the construction and building sectors on high value vehicles such as excavators and diggers, which are also often stolen. The system is simple to set up and operate and customers have complete control over the vehicle. The tracking device can be installed quickly and easily and then can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

The system works by tracking the movement of the vehicle in order to detect any unauthorised theft or use. Tag Systems offer a 24 hour remote monitoring service, which provides a first response that can facilitate the swift recovery of any stolen piece of machinery. This means that farm owners can rest assured that their high value equipment will be safe from theft.


Tag Systems is one of the leading pioneers of wireless security solutions. Established back in 1996 this specialist security solution provider leads the market when it comes to flexible wireless security solutions. These specialist systems combine flexible installation with robust build quality and proven reliability.

If you have a remote location that you need protecting then this leading wireless specialist can offer practical and cost-effective solutions.


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