A Day on the England’s Coast with Solent Jetski & Ribs

Solent Jetskis & Ribs presents new discount prices on a wonderful time for friends and families on England’s glorious south coast. With new deals that guarantee excitement without stretching the customer’s wallet, Solent is a company that has taken its passion for motor boating into a business style that understands the needs of its clients. 

Known as a beautiful site of conservation, with a host of historical sites that range from Roman to Norman to Medieval in origin, and in more modern times the location of events such as the sailing competitions of the 1908 Olympics, the English Solent is the perfect place for families and friends to gather. 

For this reason, Solent Jetskis & Ribs has selected their location for the excitement and opportunities available to those who know it as one of the prime yachting and motorboat destinations in the UK.

The wide variety of opportunities for learning to master RYA power and motor boating skills which Solent also provides, with rentals and training for RYA Powerboats, jetskis, starting at levels 1 and 2, will greatly assist new explorers to get a grasp on an enthralling skill, providing a start in an exciting field for the beginning enthusiast and larger groups who are out for the beauty of this historical waterway. Solent Jetskis & Ribs aims to help customers seek out new and dramatic experiences, whether they are first-time visitors to the Solent’s gorgeous landscapes and seascapes, or are a seasoned explorer of the region.

“Rib” charter boats rentals, for example, which have higher capacity for travelers, are a perfect way to tour the beautiful south coast of England with anywhere from four to 40 passengers. Reaching speeds of 40 knots, the “Rib” provides a great means to travel along vast swaths of the coast and take in all the area has to offer.

The jetskis the company employs, on the other hand, can provide speeds of up to 40 miles per hour and a great amount of control for the traveler; for this reason Solent offers an all-day Jetski Safari, allowing the client to venture into Osbourne Bay and even into tucked-away locations such as the Beaulieu River. Smaller “taster” sessions of three hours for the use of Jetskis are also available, allowing the customer a way to combine the relaxation of a guided Rib with the bursts of speed provided by jetskis.

Solent Jetski & Ribs understands the value of money to customers who want the best time possible for the best deal, and so has worked to provide the excitement of high-speed motor boating with the historic beauty of the English coastline. Proud to present their knowledge of the field and area with discount prices, Solent Jetski is a company customers can trust to have the best time possible on their vacation — making the wonders of the Solent come vibrantly to life with an unparalleled experience for the individual, group of friends, family, company, or any large group.