Invites Artists to Generate Income by Uploading their Works on the Website, the world’s largest online marketplace for Asia-inspired stock video clips, invites artists who create and sell motion backgrounds, video footage and after-effects to upload their works and earn a potentially steady stream of income. They will have the advantage of a Royalty Free License, allowing retention of copyright ownership for the works they sell through the website.

Operating Under a Royalty Free Business Model

The company operates under a royalty-free business model to provide filmmakers with materials and video clips that would have cost more time and resources to make on their own. This allows them to use, reproduce, and create derivative works from the templates they bought. The license, however, does not allow users to sell the footage and templates. It also indicates that aside from the license purchase price, no further fees or compensation is due no matter how many times they use the content or how many projects they used it for. Artists will also benefit from this agreement by retaining copyright ownership of their creations.

Users are guided and provided the resources they need to determine what they can and cannot do with the content.

Giving a Wider Variety of Content Choices

This new platform benefits buyers by giving them access to a wider variety of innovative content and product choices. The choices will also help them create professionally well-made motion graphics sequences. They simply have to load up the supported editing application and begin customizing certain aspects such as text, images, video, color, and timing, depending on the design and options made available by the author.

They can choose from the range of video templates and motion backgrounds created by artists. The company also expands its templates line-up with the introduction of Apple Motion templates.

Since its establishment in 2008, MotionElements has steadily grown into an online marketplace that serves the varying needs of the creative industry.