A leading fashion jewellery store

Saakshi is a specialist jewellery brand that has spread its wings across West Bengal and Assam. We launched ourfashion jewellery store at Metro Shopping Mall in Kolkata in 2002. That was a huge success and since then we did not have to look back. We continue to satisfy our valuable customers by providing them with high quality jewellery items at affordable prices.

We sell fashion jewelries such as kundan, polki, cubic zircon, semi-precious and precious stones, pearls and silver jewellery. Almost all the jewellery stores in the city are into selling conventional jewellery items. Ours is a fashion jewellery store that has a mixture of both conventional and fashion jewellery. We decided to promote fashion ornaments that are very much popular among all. After all who buys gold or diamonds every day?

Nowadays, kundan and polki ornaments are much in demand and the sale has also increased to a great level. We, as one of the leading fashion jewellery storeprovide our customers with original kundan, polki and other valuable jewellery. We have built a wide network and gained recognition in the market. Previously women always used to opt for conventional gold and diamond jewelries, but now that era is over. Now they are looking forward to decorate themselves with beautiful fashion jewellery. Kundan jewellery items are very much popular among the women. Kundan enhances their beauty. Beautifully shaped, carefully cut and polished precious gem stones are embedded on metal bases give a stunning look to the jewellery items. Kundan is basically a Rajasthani jewellery item worn by the royal family members and is one of the most desirable jewellery items all over India. The foreigners during their trip to India pick up beautiful kundan items.

Saakshifashion jewellery store has been successful in maintaining a perfect balance between both conventional and unconventional ornaments.When it comes to fashion jewellery we are one of the leading names in the business. We have got huge collection of traditional and trendy jewelries. We create ornaments on the basis of the latest fashion trends. Our jewelries never look out of fashion. Saakshi jewellery maintains a perfect balance between conventional jewellery and fashion.

We have five company stores in Kolkata and franchises at Durgapur (Junction Mall), Asansol, Durg, Bilaspur, Ranchi, Raipur, Varanasi, Patna, Jalna and Burdwan. We are growing gradually and extending our business. Since the number of stores is less, we get complaints from our customers as they cannot visit the stores so often owing to the distances. We have started our online shopping via which all the women get to order their favorite ornaments sitting at home. This has led to an increase in the sale of our jewellery items.

We provide our valuable customers with a wide range of jewelries with beautiful designs and attractive patterns. We make designs that are unique as well as elegant and can be worn with both traditional and semi-traditional dresses. Our range of accessories includes Juda Pin, Kamarband, Key Ring, Mang Tika, Payal, Bajuband, Finger Ring, Crown, and Fancy String.

Our bridal collection is one of the best in town. We offer a wide variety of bridal collection at modest prices that ranges from Kundan, Polki, Victorian, Temple Jewellery, American Diamond, etc.

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