Bournes Now Offers Customers Greater Selection of International Removals Services with New Destinations

Leading UK based removals specialists Bournes have announced that the organisation will now be offering a greater range of international removals services to their customers. The company is now offering removals services to countries such as Australia, the US and Canada with the objective of better serving their customers with further options.

Many thousands of UK residents move to an international destination each year and look to professional moving companies to ensure both cost effectiveness and the safe transit of their belongings. One of the leading and most experienced companies within the UK international removals industry is Bournes. As a company, they’ve been in business for over 100 years, and have helped tens of thousands of customers to professionally complete both local and international moves.

As part of the internationally-acclaimed UniGroup WorldWide UTS Group, Bournes now has access to over 1,500 removals service centres on 6 continents. By utilising this network, the company can provide a consistently high level of service from door-to-door, no matter where the origin and destination country.
The international removals process will be overseen by the company’s expert management team led by one of Bournes’ Move Managers. These Move Managers guide customers through every step of the international move process helping them to understand all the required documentation and providing them with a consistent point of contact to answer all their queries.

By integrating their new international removals services, Bournes are now able to offer the fullest range of moving services to their UK and overseas customers. To find out more about the company’s latest removals services, please visit the Bournes website at


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