TrueConf Introduces Group Video Conferences for iPhone and iPad

TrueConf for iOS 1.2 is mobile solution that supports both symmetrical and role-based group video conferences with up to 250 endpoints. The new version of TrueConf Mobile 1.2 for iOS allows users of Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to communicate using multi-point video conferencing. Video conferencing for up to three participants is available for free.

“Group video conferencing on mobile devices is made possible by scalable video coding technology (SVC),” says TrueConf CEO Mikhail Gotalsky. “We were first in the world to implement the SVC technology for the VP8 video codec. In TrueConf SVC adjusts not only to the communication channels, but also adapts to the capabilities of the mobile terminal. This allows the server to automatically re-adjust the resolution, frame rate and compression ratio of the transmitted video so that it is optimal for the device.”

The new version of the iOS application has an updated and friendly User Interface (UI). Users of the popular mobile devices now have the ability to create video conferences right from their iOS devices on the fly. The app displays a complete list of participants and supports participation, creation and management of the Virtual Meeting mode (conferencing mode with up to 4 interchanging endpoints that broadcast video to all participants (up to 250)).

TrueConf for iOS 1.2 simultaneously supports four incoming video streams while transmitting outgoing video stream, and is fully compatible with TrueConf corporate videoconferencing solutions. The application runs over 3G/4G or Wi-Fi networks and provides great connection resiliency. Thus, using SVC technology, a multi-point video conference with four incoming video streams requires only 256 kbps download connection speed.

TrueConf currently offers the broad range of capabilities for building corporate unified communications solution around single software product, TrueConf Server, allowing customers to connect various PC and mobile platforms, corporate PBXs, IP-telephony devices, and video conferencing endpoints by third-party vendors to a single video conferencing system. The new mobile application is fully consistent with the main trends of the global video conferencing market. An application such as the TrueConf iOS app represents the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model in action, which allows consumers to use their preferred personal devices as video conferencing terminals.

The iOS group conference application is already available for download in the App Store: