Hottest Fashion iPhone App available on iTunes Now

 Amazing news for the aspiring fashionistas around! DapperDown, the hottest fashion iPhone app is reportedly available on iTunes now. The app is the flagship product from Dapper Media and is aimed to allow users to flaunt & influence the latest fashion trends.

This new iPhone style app is a social network for creative fashion, where the users will be able to showcase their fashion products and favorite styles.

“We strongly believe that even the average user can have an impact on the fashion scene akin to any celebrity, designer or a high profile model. Thus, here we are with the hottest fashion app where you can sign up and showcase your rich style & fashion manifestations. Our purpose is to get you recognized by your peers & favorite fashion labels”, said the spokesperson from Dapper Media LLC.

Speaking about the influence algorithm of DapperDown app, the spokesperson commented that this will allow the app users to gain influence points via their activities within the DapperDown social network. The influence points will be displayed as stars, and the more stars a user has, the higher their trendsetter status within the network.

“The more ‘likes’ or ‘stars’ you gain, the higher your status is to set fashion trends- with the very flamboyance of any celebrity or designer. You will be able to have your impact felt on the leading fashion brands, fashion products & the influence status of other users. DapperDown is fashion driven by you”, the spokesperson added.

The app will enable the users to rate & follow new products in fashion, stores, fashion labels & other user activities.

An interesting thing is that this latest fashion app has been verified as well as used by Phil Loadholt of the Minnesota Vikings. The esteemed NFL player seems to be all gaga over the app and has has nothing but great remarks. In his own words – “DapperDown is a great application with a great concept. The way they are putting it together is different and exciting. I can’t wait to see the finished product.”

The new mobile app has been currently released in the beta version to gather user feedback & reviews. “Albeit we have unveiled the app in beta version presently, we ensure to continue with updates soon. We promise our users the best possible experience along the way”, further added the spokesperson. The fashion mobile app is currently available in the iTunes app store, and is slated for Android release later this year.

About Dapper Media: Dapper Media is revolutionizing the fashion industry with their flagship product DapperDown, which aims to bring a Billboard style ranking chart to the fashion industry. The company is under the ownership of DeMarcus Rush who runs the firm with 3 partners, Brian Adams, DeeCourey Carrawell & Jerome McWilliams. Dapper Media is a global corporation with partnering offices in Ukraine & India. The DapperDown app & the website act as the central hubs for all things pertinent to fashion and style.

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